The Power of Regular Massage…

Like all things that are good for your health, CONSISTENCY is so much better than QUANTITY. Working out is a great example. Obviously, it’s way better to run a mile every other day than it is to run 8 miles once every 3 weeks.  The same can be said for massage therapy.  Getting a massage once a month is going to transform your health. You’ll be happier, you’ll be more flexible, your circulation will be better, you’ll get sick less…the list goes on and on. (See the very long list of massage benefits here.)   Getting a massage for two weeks in a row, and then not again for 5 months, and then again 3 months later is good, but it’s not going to help as much as regular massage will. Consistent massage is where it’s at!

Once you’ve decided you want to include massage in your health regimen (we’re talking preventative health, like exercising and eating well), it can be difficult to figure out how often you should get a massage. I recommend starting with a 90 minute massage (why 90 minutes?) once every 4-5 weeks. Keep up with it for about 3 months, and see how you feel. I started getting a massage once every month, and found that by the middle of week three, I was a little cranky, and my back, neck and shoulders were SCREAMING for a massage. I moved my massages to once every 2 weeks, and felt awesome! I figured if once every two weeks was good, why not once a week? It was too much—I found that I was getting nauseous after my massages at the once a week interval. It took me a good 6 months to find my massage frequency “sweet spot”.

Why bother with getting massages consistently?

Since I’ve been getting a 90 minute massage every two weeks, I have found that my back doesn’t get sore any more (unless it’s my own fault, like from lifting weights or something), I get fewer headaches (almost none), and my ability to cope with stress or annoying circumstances is AH-MAZING (I won’t bite your head off when you call me a “masseuse”). I also found that the simple act of getting a massage and caring for my body makes me more aware of my health in general. I eat better, I make sure to get enough sleep, and I exercise more (I do tough workouts the day before my massage, because I know my massage therapist will make the muscle pain go away!) and I’ve been doing more things that I love for my mental health (like painting, and making things out of clay).

When all of your mental and physical health needs have been met, it’s so easy to find joy in all aspects of life. Relationships are better, colors are brighter and jokes are funnier. (Not kidding, I laugh so much more now…) I won’t hesitate to say that massage therapy changed my life. That’s a big statement, and I stand behind it 100%. I want you to have what I have. Get a massage once a month (or even better, every two weeks), and change your life, too.

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